Weather and Mittens…

It turns out that we weren’t as housebound this week and we didn’t lose power at the house or the shop.  We came into work yesterday for a couple of hours in the hopes we could make some money and have a change of scenary.  I was pretty content to stay home and work on the mittens I just started but Kev was going stir crazy.  It would be nice if he would take up knitting as well. haha  Speaking of the mittens, I finally settled on a pattern and actually got one of them done.  I modified the pattern a little bit because I swear I have the smallest hands ever and if I would have followed the pattern the mittens would have been huge on me.  I suppose that is the appeal of making them myself.   

I feel kind of bad because I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in weeks.  I mainly taught myself to knit so that I had more variety in patterns and I was looking for a challenge.  After a month of knitting I am sad to admit that I actually like doing it more.  I would say the biggest plus to knitting is that I can do it for longer periods of time without hurting my hands and now that I have gotten the hang of it I think can finish a project faster.  Of course next month I might be right back to crocheting and might forget all about knitting. haha


Yucky weather

I just checked wunground and right now the radar shows a huge mass of green and red coming towards us.  They are saying we might get more than an  inch of ice and I am not looking forward to it.  Kevin and I went to the store and stocked up just like the rest of the Topekans.  I swear Dillions was elbow to elbow and being around all of the people made me forget the most crucial item we needed, toilet paper.  It looks like I will have to make one more trip out before the ice hits.   After we get the t.p. we are set unless the power goes out.  I have enough yarn and projects to get me through being housebound for a couple of days.  That is the most important thing right?