Experiments and my birthday…

Today is my birthday!  I always think throughout the year that birthdays and holidays are overrated, but when the day happens I am super excited.  I think from now on I am just going to be excited regardless and give up the charade.  Plus I have lots of stuff planned for the weekend, so who couldn’t be happy?  Tonight I am having a birthday dinner with friends, tomorrow Nikol and I are going to check out Tina’s fiber sale, sunday I am going to KC to hang out with friends and monday I am going to lawrence with Jessica.  I already bought myself sock yarn and a long knitting needle to try making 2 socks at one time.  You can’t have too much yarn and fiber right?


Last night I spun some of the roving I dyed and this is how it came out.

I mainly practiced doing long draw and adding more twist.  I think I have been underspinning until now.  I need to work on drafting more consistently and not overspinning. haha  It is always something I guess.



Experiment #1

Alrighty here is my first attempt at dyeing fiber.    I used kool-aid with a little bit of vinegar and did the stovetop method.  I think I should have added more kool-aid, because some of the colors are a little bit lighter than I thought they would be.  Of course that could just be the nature of kool-aid, but seeings how this is my first attempt I have no idea. haha  I will tell you that using orange and raspberry at the same time creates a very nice fruity pebbles smell with a slight sheep undertone.  My poor husband ended up with a huge fruity pebbles craving, but we didn’t have any so he had to settle for all of the other junk food we had in the house and later that night he was complaining of a stomach ache.  Looks like I have to stock up on fruity pebbles before my next attempt at dyeing.     Anyway back to dyeing I would say overall I was happy with the outcome and the fact that I didn’t felt anything accidently.   Now I am going to experiment with drafting a

Busy, busy

Alright I have decided to finally get serious with this blog.  I mostly post on a piercing/tattoo site, but I can tell my friends are getting a little bored with all of my yarn and spinning talk.   Now to remember to update them both. 

Alright on to life.  I guess the biggest and best thing that has happened since I last posted was I bought a spinning wheel.  I ended going with the the Fricke double treadle with the woolee winder.  I haven’t spun on anything other than a fricke but based on research and Nikol’s glowing reviews I was sold on them.  Plus I opted for the woolee winder and boy am I glad I did.  No more stopping to adjust where my yarn is going.    Since I got it I have pretty much taken time everyday to spin and right now I am experimenting with dyeing and different spinning techniques.  Nikol gave me some white wool roving and kool aid for christmas so I have been having fun the last couple of day seeing what I can come up with.  So far I have made a nice bright pink instead of red and an odd mottled blue color.  It looks like it might take me a little bit to get the kool aid to fiber ratio down.  I am going to be a helper at Yarn School this yarn, so I figure I will find out what I am doing wrong there.

 Along with being busy with spinning I have also been knitting like crazy.  I knit some wacky fingerless gloves for a friend of mine and I was pretty happy with the way they came out.  I had some extra yarn left over so I made her a pidge to go along with her gloves.  I also finished the cardigan I was working on for my mom, I just have to add the zipper to it.  I was thinking it would be her mother’s day present, but I am not sure if I can hold off giving it to her until then.  We are the worst at surprises and giving gifts early in family.  In fact it has worn off on my husband and I got my birthday present a week ago and my birthday isn’t until friday.  I am not complaining because I love my fiesta canisters and baking dish.