The new house!

Alright here are some pictures of the new house and the fun work we have been doing it on it.  We decided to refinish the floors ourselves and given the choice again I would have hired someone.  It is dirty, slow work.

My awesome, but not organized yet kitchen

The dining room with the ugly light that has it out for Kevin.  I think the people that lived in the house before us were short because all of the light fixtures are hung super low. 

My new craft room!  I no longer have to put everything in the dining room

Above is the evil floor that we have now spent hours sanding.  The last person that tried to do something with them obviously didn’t do their research because the sealer they used was compatible with what was there orginally.   You can see in the next picture how it was coming up in sheets.

Kevin working hard on the floors.  He deserves the best husband award after this weekend.

I tried to get pictures of his blisters, but he just gave that look that said I was getting a little picture happy.   My poor honey.


Packing, Yay!

I finally started packing up the house this weekend and I realized the whole cleaning and organizing thing was me just dragging my feet over not wanting to start packing yet.  I have the livingroom knick knacks and some of the kitchen stuff started so far and once I get more boxes I will really dive in.   It is kind of sad to leave my little house behind with all our memories of the last 4 years.  Yes I can take the memories with me, I will gladly take the good ones and leave the bad ones with the ugly kitchen.   haha   I can’t wait to create new ones in the next house and really make it ours.  I am going to try to chronicle the move and the changes with the new place and hopefully not bore all of you guys that happen to read this.    One of the days I will even post knitting or spinning pictures too.


Recovered finally…

What can I say about yarn school that hasn’t already been said by lots of other wonderful people?  I guess, that it was amazing and I had a great time.    I think the best part was hanging out with like minded people and tons of women.  I work with all men and have for most of my piercing career, so I sometimes forget how awesome being around women can be.  It did take me a day to recover from all of the work and lack of sleep, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.   I have finally sorted through all of the yummy fiber we got in our goodie bags and that I bought.  Part of me wishes that I would have bought more, but I am already having fun packing up the stuff I have.   Speaking of packing, the house thing is going well.  It looks like we will be closing on the house May 16th, but we won’t move until the end of the month.  We are doing it that way so we can pull up the carpets and sand the floors if we need to.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that all we have to do is clean them really well.

Man, it feels like May is going to be busy and I haven’t decided if that is bad or not. haha Yesterday was the shop’s 5 year anniversary.  We really should have done something to celebrate it, but with yarn school and the house thing I have to admit it slipped my mind.  Kev’s birthday is tomorrow, which thankfully didn’t slip my mind.  We are going to dinner and a movie in celebration.  I have of course already given him his birthday present, because I am a horrible bean spiller.  I am surprised I waited as long as I did to give to him.  Next friday is our 10 year wedding anniversary and I was hoping we could go somewhere fun to celebrate, but again with the house we are putting that off.  I still haven’t figured out what we are going to do but I should figure something out before then.