I just realized that I haven’t posted an entry since May.  I suppose the biggest reason I haven’t updated in awhile is that I have been pretty stagnant craft wise.  I tend to do that when it is hot outside though, I guess I am just a fair weather crafter.  I can feel fall coming, so my crafting urge is coming back in full force.  Yay! Teaching a crochet class at Settler’s Farm last night helped too.  It was fun teaching people and it made me remember how much I love to crochet.  

Kevin picked up some wonderful hand dyed lamb’s wool/alpaca yarn for me on his recent roadtrip. There wasn’t a bunch so I made a capelet out of it.  The pattern is pretty much like making a raglan sweater so I think I am ready to tackle making one now.  I just have to finish spinning the Shetland I started a couple of months ago.  At this rate I might have it done by winter.