Home again.

Man, September was pretty much a blur for me.  Between going to Indianapolis and Yarn school I was gone more than I was home.  I am not complaining one bit, because I had a blast both places and I can’t wait to go back.  Now I have lots of crafting to do with all of the fiber I brought back from Yarn school.  I am vowing right now to do something with all of it in the next couple of months.  I am also vowing to update my blog more often.  Now to see if I can actually uphold those vows. 


While I was at Yarn School Jessica and I rescued a kitten. She was almost dead by the time we found her, but thankfully Ron got her to the vet in time.  The vet said if she had been out much longer she wouldn’t have made it.    We were going to try to find a home for her, but she won us over and we are keeping her.  She hasn’t won over the other cats yet, but I confident they will get over it and love her too.  Well tolerate her at least.  This is the last cat though, because I am fast approaching crazy cat lady status.