It’s that time of year again.

I have a love hate relationship with Fall.  I love that the leaves turn pretty colors and all things Halloween, but I hate that it has to get cold and my business hits it’s slow time.  Right now I am trying to focus on the things I love instead of dwelling on the things I dislike. I also realize about now that I should be working on christmas presents.  I have decided to try to make everyone felted slippers, but I still need to figure out  if I should use commerical yarn or try to spin all the yarn myself.  The problem I seem to be running into is making bulky yarn.  Which is funny because there was a time when I couldn’t spin finer yarn to save my life.  I even tried Najavo plying last night hoping it would be thicker, but I think it might still be too thin.  I was pretty happy with my first attempt though and even if I don’t use it for the project I am glad I figured it out.   Along with slippers I thought I would make felted ornaments and something special for Kevin.  We decided to make each other presents using our hobbies.  That means I get something made out of metal and he gets something made from fiber.  It should be interesting and I am looking forward to making him something he will actually use.


Oh, I almost forgot. I traded a capelet for a bag recently and I got my bag thursday.  It is perfect for touting around my knitting and spinning stuff.  I am pretty excited about it.