Can I go back to bed?

Ugh, I just ran home to pick up a different size knitting needle for the socks I am working on for my sister for christmas and I accidently shut one side in the car door.  This was the result.

Thankfully Nikol is saving my bacon and letting me borrow one of her’s.  The other crappy thing is I forgot that I needed to switch to the bigger size needle after I had already done about an inch with the smaller size.  Good thing I can’t get the bigger needle until tomorrow or I am sure some other horrible thing will happen to this poor sock.

Here is a picture of something that I didn’t fail at making. Thankfully.

Last year I started making ornaments for the people in Kevin’s family and this the one for this year.  It was nice mixing two of the new crafts I learned this year.  The only thing that would have been better is if I would have spun the yarn for the hat.  I guess that is my goal for next year’s ornament.