Yarny fun

I finally made it back to Spinsters and oh boy am I glad. Marta hosted it and we able to spin in the gazebo again. It was a little on the hot and humid side, but being able to spin and listen to the birds made up for it. Plus I love seeing her alpacas. I worked on some crazy yarn that will turn into clothes for someone’s baby. I know enough pregnant ladies these days that I won’t have a shortage of people to give gifts to. Now just to keep up on spinning and knitting.




19 weeks

I had my monthly check-up today and it looks like all is well.  The Bun is a wiggly little monster and wouldn’t sit still long enough for the nurse to get an accurate read on the heartbeat.  It was in the 150’s which is where it has been, so I wasn’t concerned with trying to find out.  I really hope that this is not indication of how active this kid is going to be, because I am not sure I will be able to keep up.  I also scheduled my 20 week anatomy scan or in my case it will be 21 weeks.  That is two weeks away and I have to admit that I am so impatient that we are doing a private 4D scan.  They aren’t that expensive and it will be neat to see the bubs a little clearer, plus they tend to be more accurate with gender.  Now we only have one more week to wait and I am sure it will be a long week.

Aside from people asking me if I know what I am having people love to ask how I am feeling or if I am enjoying being pregnant.  I have to say that I do enjoy being pregnant now that I have energy and don’t feel like vomiting 24 hours a day.  I spent a number of years wondering if I would ever get this point and I don’t regret for a minute that I waited so long in life to go this experience.  It allowed me to do so much with my life and makes me appreciate every moment of this pregnancy.  Even when the mere thought of some foods was enough to make my stomach turn.  I hope that I can do it one more time, but if this is my only child then I will be happy to have done it once.  Not to mention that I can’t imagine sharing this with anyone other than Dan.  Just seeing his excitement about the baby overwhelms me with happiness and love. Oh and I did I mention that being pregnant makes me super sappy?  Yeah, maybe the nausea was a better symptom.

18 weeks

I am just two weeks away from being half way done with this pregnancy. It is weird how the time feels like it is standing still and flying by.  I am passed the exhaustion and nausea thankfully, but have seemed to moved into the heartburn stage.  Thank goodness for Zantac. 
 I am also hopefully only two weeks away from finding out what this baby is and I can’t wait to really start buying stuff for it.  It will also be nice to stop referring to it as an It, because I feel like we are going to find out if it is a baby or a puppy.  I did decide to finally start knitting, so picked up some neutral colored yarn from my favorite yarn store to get started on a hat, cardigan, and booties.  It just didn’t seem right that I hadn’t started making anything yet.

Now to get back to knitting, yard work and spending Father’s day with my favorite Father-to-be. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Hello again

It appears that my vow to be a better blogger was in vain, so I am once again vowing to try to keep up with this blog.  So much has changed in my life since my last post.  The short story is that I got divorced, closed my business, became a surgical tech, met and fell in love with an amazing man and got knocked up by said man.  I am now 17 weeks pregant and thought it might be fun to keep track of how things are going on here.  I am also going to revamp the look, so stick around for more changes.