23 weeks

We had our doctor’s appointment yesterday and it looks like all is well.  Ruby is growing right on schedule and everything looked good on ultrasound.  She is letting me know that she is there and getting stronger about it.  I like the little kicks and jabs, but there are times when she kicks just the right place and it feels creepy.  Still not quite alien like I thought it would be. Today, I was typing on my ipod touch with it rested on my belly and she kicked so hard that she moved it.  Apparently I was crowding her.  I have also developed a sensitivity to food and am finding that I have to be careful with going out to eat.  Eating what I cook regardless of how spicy is okay.  At least I am not stuck eating just one thing like several other woman I have heard from.

I finished a turkey hat for her since she is due the week before thanksgiving. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she comes on time and can wear it for thanksgiving dinner.  Next I need to get on working on botties to match all of these hats and sweaters that I have made.  At some point I need to narrow down a plan for christmas ornaments.  I am not normally one of those people that plan so far in advance, but I am afraid that I won’t make them if I don’t.  The idea of an ornament with a picture of her just sounds too cute not to do. Plus this might be the last year I make them, but I hope not!


22 weeks

We had our 20 week scan this week,  a little late obviously. They say 20 weeks, but they like them a little later so that the heart has a little more time to develop.  We won’t find out the results until next week when we have our monthly checkup, but it looked like everything was in the correct place and she had all the right parts.  Including the fact that she is still a girl.  I finally feel safe buying and making stuff for her after being told by 3 separate people that she is a girl. I started and finished my first sweater for her.  I am hoping that it can be coming home from the hospital sweater, but I am still not sure how big babies are when they come out.  I look at clothes and think they can’t possibly be that small while thinking how the heck is she going to get out.  Which is probably part of the reason I keep having dreams of her clawing her way out of my stomach.  Someone has watched way too many horror movies in her life apparently.

I found another pattern I like and bought some more yarn from The Wicked Stitch in Wamego today.  I sure do love that store.  Now to knit for a minute before heading to bed.  We have a busy day planned for tomorrow. Actually the next few days are going to be busy.  Hopefully I can sneak in a nap!

21 weeks.

Oh boy, it seems that my belly has popped out and there is no doubt about whether or not I am pregnant when people see me.  Ruby also seems to be moving around like crazy anytime I am not moving around like crazy.  On days that I work that means I don’t feel her until I go to bed or have downtime at work.  I did like that she choose to kick me a bunch when I was around the family for the 4th.  Feeling her just makes her seem more real.  I can’t wait until you can actually see the kicks. Although I might not enjoy the fact that her feet are up near my ribs right now.

Now that I know that I am having a girl I have finally gotten around to making her some things. I made her a hat out of the yarn I started at Spinsters. There is a picture of the bobbin in a previous post. I am still on the fence about whether or not it is too scratchy for a baby, but I figured I would try soaking it again to see if I can get it to soften up.  My next plan is to make a sweater out of some yummy Malabrigo that I have had laying around, but were unsure of what to turn it into.  After that I thought I might try spinning a different fiber for more hats and sweaters. I am pretty stinkin excited that this kid is going to be born during the winter, so I can dress her in lots of handknit clothes.


Uploading these pictures is reminding me that we really need a real camera soon!

20 weeks

Wow, I can’t believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy or that I have been pregnant for 5 months. Part of me can’t wait to have my body back and the other part loves having her in there. Her? Yep, we verified today that we are having a girl. We looked the other day with a sono at work. I wanted to make double sure before we started buying girly things. Of course, I had to run out and buy a dress.

Now to keep growing this baby and savoring the experience. I know there will become a moment when I can’t wait to get her out of me, but for now I love the little taps and flutters.