32 weeks

I skipped last week, because there wasn’t much to report.  We had a doctor’s appointment, but right now it is mostly just checking my blood pressure and making sure I am doing okay.  I have 2 more 2 week appointments and then I go to weekly.  I can’t believe that I only have 8 weeks left.  On the other hand I can’t believe that I have to endure 8 more weeks.  I am trying not to be too whiny, but my hips hurt, I have hearburn like crazy and my allergies are trying to kill me.  Thankfully, Dan is a saint and is dealing well with all of my grumplings about how miserable I am right now.

We did finally make it KC this weekend to pick up cloth diapers.  We bought an assortment of brands and types of diapers to see what we will like personally.  I still want to get some prefolds and more covers as well as a couple of wet bags, but the store was out of them.  We have a little more time to pick those up before Ruby gets here. I just feel better that we pretty much have everything we need for her.  There are a couple of things that we need to get, but we still have some time.  Now I am waiting for nesting to kick in so I can do a little more organizing.  It seems like everytime I do feel organized we get a bunch more gifts.  Not that I am complaining about that at all.  It is really amazing how generous people are when you are a having a baby and I am grateful for everything I have received. 

Oh and I almost forgot, Jessica’s twins showed up last week instead of this week.  They had some sugar issues that kept them in the NICU, but they are doing well and are at home.  I can’t believe how tiny and adorable they are and seeing them makes me want to meet Ruby even more.  Only 8 more weeks!


30 weeks

I just realized that I hadn’t done a 30 week update.  I suppose it is mostly because it would just involve me whining.  My allergies have kicked in with a vengenace and Claritin seems to be keeping it to annoying, but not giving me total relief.  I have also hit that stage where everything is sore and sleeping isn’t easy.  I suppose this is all to make me want her to be here sooner and get over my fear of childbirth.  I keep joking with Dan that they need to figure out some way to just “beam” her out.  Where is Scotty when you need him?  I have finally accepted the fact that she will have to come out and went to the libary to check out books on ways of dealing with it.  I also picked up the latest Anthony Bourdain book, so that I can immerse myself in cynical talk of food when I get overwhelmed.  Thank goodness I have a great support group and I know in the end I will finally get to meet Ruby.

I have been slightly productive this week.  I finished blankets for Jessica’s twins.  We both had a lack of blankets and I was pretty excited to find a way to make them without having to knit or crochet the whole thing.  My patience for long projects is shot right now. Oh and I should say I had a lack of blankets, because I received 4 homemade blankets this week.  They were made by Ruby’s grandmother, great grandmother and a very generous friend of the great grandmother.  I can’t express enough how much they mean to me.  My favorite items from childhood were blankets made for me by my grandmother and mother. Now to get the thank you cards filled out that I made today and get them sent out asap.  I can be bad about putting things off, but this is one task that needs be done soon.

Lastly, I leave you with my craving of the week.  I think it is a dangerous one and I hope that next week I crave something a little healthier.

29 weeks

Yesterday was my baby shower.  We had a pretty good time, but I was bummed that quite a few people couldn’t make it.  The most important was the co-hostess ,my best friend Jessica.  The twins were giving her a little grief, so she couldn’t make it.  We ended up kind of winging the game part and just enjoying being around people I don’t get to see very often.  We are now closer to being ready for this little butterbean being here.  I can’t believe we only 11 more weeks to go and I am afraid that it is just going to sneak up on us.  Thankfully, most of the major purchases are made and the last should be done soon.  Oh boy, do babies need so much stuff.  She is going to have more clothes than me soon!

I am finding that have to slow down a bit now and I just had to change my days at work.  Working 3 twelve hour shifts in a row is just getting to hard, so I switched to breaking them up a little.  This also means that Dan and I no longer have to go three days without seeing each other and that makes me super happy.  I am not so happy about my allergies showing up though.  Today has been the worst so far and I had to break down and get some meds.  I was hoping that weakened immunity from pregnancy would save me, but no luck.  Now fingers crossed Claritin doesn’t make to loopy, because I don’t think working while drowsy is such a good idea.  I am going to try not to whine too much and instead enjoy having a mellow long weekend with my favorite people.