Ruby is here!

I figured I would take advantage of a calm baby moment and update about the birth of Ms. Ruby.  Oh and just in case you are worried I just had a nap.  I had started feeling light contraction on Friday, but they didn’t really start to get my attention until Monday.  We saw the midwife that afternoon and she was fairly confident that we would have a baby by the week’s end.  She even did an internal exam in hopes that it might make my contractions stronger and boy did it.  The only problem is that they just wouldn’t get stronger or consistent, so I had pre-labor for about 24 hours before what I thought was my water breaking.  We had been told to take our time getting in and grab something to eat on the way in, so it was a pit stop at Taco Casa on the way in.  Yeah, that craving for a bean burrito might have been not so wise for my heartburn, but it just sounded good. 

The nurses were ready for us when we got there and got us all settled in.  They did a test to double check to make sure my water had in fact broken and both tests came back negative.  The only problem was they couldn’t find my bag of waters and with my group B staph postitive status they didn’t want to send me home if my water had broken. We were sent down to radiology to get an ultrasound for a third check and found that my amniotic fluid was low, so they admitted me.  The problem was that even with lots of trying naturally we just couldn’t get my contraction to get stronger or more consistent, so the doctor ordered pitocin to get things moving.  My plan was to try to do the whole thing without an epidural, but I was open to having one if had to. I got to the point where I was so exhausted from not sleeping and 36 hours of contractions that I just couldn’t do it anymore and I don’t regret for a second getting that epidural.  I finally was able to relax and sleep until I was ready to push.  In fact I was so tired that I wasn’t phased by the scary moment we had when Ruby’s heart rate fell to a scary low.  Thankfully a position change was all we needed and she was fine.  So 5 hours later I was ready to push. I was hopeful that two pushes and she would be out, but nope it took an hour and half.  I am telling you that this kid did not make it easy.  I will spare you all the gory details of it, but it was pretty stinkin amazing when her whole body came out.  I was able to hold her for a minute, but she had had her first bowel movement in utero so the nurses had to make she was okay before giving her back to me.

I do have to say that I had an amazing support throughout my entire labor and even with the length and pain I wouldn’t change it for a moment.  My mom, sister and Dan made me feel comfortable and well taken care of the entire time.  They even dealt well with my two moments where I freaked and was convinced that I was just going to be pregnant forever.  I was overwhelmed at how amazing all of my nurses were too.  They stayed with me every step of the way and really respected everything that I wanted.  My OB was out of town, but I was lucky to have Dr. Wiley on call when she was delivered.  He even gave us a placenta anatomy lesson afterwards.  I am going to have figure out something yummy to make for all those people.  Hmm, it seems like placenta and yummy are too close together in that paragraph.

So now we begin to figure out our lives together and I couldn’t be more excited.  I will try to keep everyone updated on life in the Martinez-Jones house, but no promises.