25 weeks part2


I realized that I have done little in the way of keeping track of this pregnancy. With Ruby I took photos weekly and bored you all with every detail. Poor Milo is already getting the second baby treatment. At first it was easy to get caught up in life and forget that I was pregnant. Now he moves so much I can’t possibly forget. It sort of scares me that he and Ruby are going to run me ragged. I suppose like everything you make do and forget how easy your life was with only child.

For now I am enjoying my time with Ruby. I know that brain development in the first years is fast, but boy does she amaze me sometimes. The other day out of the blue she told me “I like read moon”. It seems like last week she was just learning to say moon and now she is forming sentences with it. This age can be challenging, but I have to say it is my favorite. I love seeing her figure things out and start to become her own person. Of course with that comes stubbornness and tantrums, but I get through them be reminding myself that it is part of growing up. That mostly works and when it doesn’t I just try to remember how cute she is the rest of the time.

Hmm, I did intend to write about Milo, but I suppose it is easier to talk about the kid you know. I am getting pretty excited to meet him. Will he be an chilled baby, is he going to cry all of the time, and how the heck will I juggle two kids in the evening by myself. I suppose again I will figure it out and soon I will forget what life was like before. Nice how that works out.