One week

I can’t believe that Milo has been here for a week already. The transition to two kids has for the most part been easy. I say this now and will probably change my tune once Dan goes back to work and I get to learn to navigate everyday life with the two of them. Milo for right now is a very chilled baby. He eats, sleeps and poops. Sometimes he tries to do all three at one time. Ruby is her sweet self, but some ornery is creeping in. I know she is working on what it means to not be the only child, so I am trying to be as patient as possible. It can be trying at times for sure.
I realize that I am not a good blogger, because I forget to write down the blogs I write in my head. I had one about the pressure you feel to have the “perfect natural” birth and all the other things we set our selves up for before we give birth. I also thought I should share Milo’s birth story like I did Ruby’s, but right now I am just content listening to my babies breathe while they nap. I have lofty intentions of writing about my journey into being a stay at home mom, so hopefully you all will hear more from me soon.